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Some data on China's steel market in the first quarter of 2021, will this affect the bearing market?

According to the information released by National Development and Reform Commission, from January April, the running of steel industry is as follows:1. The …


Rolling bearing used in cars

With the development of automobile technology, design, manufacture, test and application technology bearings have made great progress. However, from perspective …


Bearing Application Timeline

The use of has a long and storied history, having been used to build some history's most important structures. Read below for brief history the bearing industry.2600 …


30 reasons for bearing noise! Do you know all about it?

1. There are impurities in oil; 2. Insufficient lubrication (oil level is too low, improper storage leads to oil or grease leakage through the seal); 3. The …


Several types of high-end bearing steel monopolized by foreign countries

Maybe some people seem confused that: if we can produce bearings on our own, then why not use the made by own country? However, data shows that actual life of imported is more than 8 …


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